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Theater: Teófilo Torres en NYC / "A mis amigos de la locura"

The talented Puerto Rican actor, director and theater professor Teófilo Torres has shined throughout his professional career for his versatility for acting as much in theater as film and television, which distinguished him in Puerto Rico and abroad. He has also made a name for himself as a teacher and developer of actors and for his performances in monologues such as "A mis amigos de la locura,” based in the book by Ernesto Ruiz and "Papo Impala está quitao,” one of his most popular performances and in which Torres plays a drug addict who struggles to kick his habit in an adaptation of a short story by Juan Antonio Ramos. This presentation is part of the 9th annual celebration of Puerto Rican Heritage titled “BORIMIX: Puerto Rico Fest!” presented by the Sociedad Educativa de las Artes, Inc. (SEA).